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This journal is partially is MOSTLY friends only. At least for now.

Most of the posts with pic spams, or about movies, tv shows, actors, icons, gifs and other artwork are open. RL stuff and other stuff I think it should be shared carefully will be locked. Other post sharing the Arashi/JE love will be locked after a while.

If you want to be added, please comment in an entry introducing yourself and why you want to friend me ;) I usually friend back because I'm happy making new friends. However I don't usually friend back empty journals or those in a language I can't understand at all, but if you contact me, I may change my mind...

If you find I've friended you in the first place, the main reason is because I find your LJ interesting and want to keep reading what you usually post and/or because we have tastes in common. It's okay if you don't friend me back, but if you do, great! ;)

My journal is focused in Arashi, sometimes I also post about other Johnnys bands (SMAP, TOKIO, V6, Kanjani8...), plus some kpop here and there and other things I find fancy. There will be posts about Japan, or anything Japanese related too...

this info was updated in Jan. 21th, 2012.

Mainly, the brushes and bases for the icons I post in different communities are from [info]100x100_brushes, [info]dj43, [info]dearest, [info]quebelly, [info]77words, [info]cdg_brushes, [info]1000pixels, [info]howlovely, [info]colorfilter, [info]firithel_icons, [info]ak, [info]ch_photoshopped, [info]kalijean, [info]_joni, [info]sheld0n, [info]meleada[info]miggy, [info]anyotherday, [info]adora, [info]colortone, [info]dekolette, [info]killanidea, [info]inxsomniax, [info]unmasked_icons, [info]_ravenwing, [info]mygivenchy[info]iconistas, [info]pinksunday, [info]myrasis, [info]ianthinus and [info]awmpdotnet. Also from Absolutetrouble (, trex-tures ( and In-obscuro ( If I forgot somebody, tell me.

Caps I use in the icons are usually mine (I made them, I mean), but I have to say that Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire caps are by [info]teh_indy and [info]dj43, and that The Chronicles of Narnia ones are from [info]rainbow_booger and [info]illuxtris

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