As I am not as much here as I am around Twitter, I was meant to post this ages ago to have all the pics as reference here too.

I like to make rubber stamps and got a liking of making Arashi themed ones...

 photo CHYu5LBWUAEOldN_zpsviug4xne.jpg
 photo CHYu4kZWIAAz3fK_zpshptb2jpe.jpg

detailed pics and some uses I gave to them under here )
31 January 2016 @ 11:22 pm
I have been rewatching parts of NatsuNiji because I miss J being in a solo work (more than 2 years and counting) and also because this morning there were some caps from Hana Yori Dango Final (the scene at the beach in the island -where he appears as the most beautiful creature on Earth- and the wedding -that amazing kiss-) around twitter and that probably triggered the need to see J in something romantic.

NatsuNiji was the first Matsujun's drama I saw in real time, no in Japan but as it was airing I was following it and watching. I had already watched several J dramas by then which I consider/ed fav of mine, but I NatsuNiji is very special to me and I am not sure I can't explain all the reasons.

I think it is an underrated drama. I love Taiga so much. He is such a lovely character and Jun kun does such an amazing job with it!!! He also looks incredibly beautiful!

Today I recalled too how much I loved the opening credits. It seems like I haven't seen cool opening credits lately (truth is that I haven't been watching dramas, so that may be it).

Considering what I recall from the love scenes in Chocolatier, the super amazingly perfect kiss at the end of Hanadan Final and the awesome kisses/couple scenes in NatsuNiji (and Kimi wa petto, etc) make me firm in the idea that Matsujun is perfect for romance dramas. He does an amazing job in all of them... you believe his character is in love... you can see the struggle if there is one... and the most important thing, when he gets together with the girl/woman you believe his happiness, you can see in his face that he is the happiest man alive and that he will make her feel beloved and cherished. At least I see it this way.

In NatsuNiji episode 8, when they are at the top of the building and Shiori finally admits she likes him... Taiga doesn't know what to do with himself and when she doesn't want to hug and they end holding fingers you still can see it there, the love!! and when Taiga kisses her, first on the lips and later on the forehead you can see the tenderness... and how he hugs her... I just melt watching it.

I remember myself asking for him to do something different from a romance and I am happy he did Lucky Seven and such, but at the end of the day, I think I love Matsujun the most at what he excels at (apart from producing awesome Arashi concerts) and that is doing a romantic drama/movie.

I remember also how much I cried watching Hidamari no Kanojo. Such cute movie. Such cute character Matsujun created...

I usually have a problem watching romantic jdramas because the kisses scenes are such a disappointment (if there is any!)... and I do consider Kimutaku another one that does amazing kisses on screen (if you don't believe me check 2046 movie to start with), but if I had to choose one jdrama kiss to be the number one of my jdrama/jmovie kisses that would be Hanadan Final wedding kiss... The way he holds Makino, the way he kisses her, that hand holding her face, his radiant smile while looking at her with adoration and happiness... It clicks every button for me!!! (and have in mind that Hanadan Final is not my fav in the saga, I prefer series 1).

Having that in mind... If the rumor of him having a drama on TBS in spring is true, a part of me wants it to be a romance, a nice one with a nice actress (I still have my doubts about Ohno's just announced heroine). However, having in mind that Ohno has a romance, I doubt J will have one if the rumor is true. If a romance can't be, I hope he does a part he really really wants to do.

Whatever he decides to do he still is my king of romance.
01 October 2014 @ 11:51 pm
The cd cover for the LE edition... Hmmm, it's cool but also a bit weird. The concept is original and I will love the result when I have it in my hands.

However, I am a pretty classic kind of girl when it comes with Arashi on their cd covers and I love to have the 5 of them on it, not pieces XDD lol... It is ok, because as the freak I am, after checking the RE and seeing how the five of them were there and checking that the extra track is written by Sho, I went ahead and bought it as well.

I was going to buy it anyway, but wasn't planning to do it right now, but well, blame Sakurai and J's hair-style-that-I-don't-agree-with... Well, I should say, hair I didn't agree with, because it had to be a hair style of him I wasn't fond of for Jun to be all over the place with it... It was in Hawaii (thank you rain!) and immortalised on dvd. Now also on the cd cover, and don't worry, he will sporting that hairstyle also in the concert goods pamphlet, photo set, clear files and Johnny's shop photos... You'll see!

You know why, because J is set in making me like that hair!!!! *crazy laugh*

Back to the album... I am surprised there are so many titles in English (is that a hint?) I love the one titled Asterisk because I love asterisks! *more crazy laugh*

Stay Gold is a perfect title for a Jun's solo, let me tell you. Stay Gold you wonderful and beautiful human being! (also, Kono mama motto, anybody?!)

I'm a bit disappointed that there are only 3 songs with Sakurap.

I'm looking forward to Aiba's solo. I am expecting a danceable number?? (please)

And... Nino, I hope the Merry Christmas song you got out of your head and heart, is in some way dedicated to Aiba... It would be so wonderfully nice of you!!!

In general I'm having high hopes for these groups of songs, really! And I want to see what Zero-G is like right now!! Don't know why but I keep picturing them in Intergalactic outfits when thinking about it...

Also, also... the matsu-saku-miya logo for the tour!?!?! I am so happy!!! XD

October is a month of waiting... and I hate 'waiting'
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11 May 2014 @ 03:26 pm
After a lot of fighting with the BD I really think I was very happy in the land of DVDs...

I got a BD/DVD player for my laptop (external one) it's a samsung player and I have been playing DVDs with it with no problem. I tried to watch my first BD and I've been struggling all morning!

I can't play it using VLC because some library missing and I had to install the Power DVD 10 that came with the Bluray player but when trying to play a BD it says I need to update to version 12 and I can't seem to be able to do that...

I need some advice and help from those of you who already have a bluray player and are way more experienced than I am. I wanted to play blurays with VLC and I hate PowerDVD from when I used it long ago...

Any idea/feedback... :(
29 March 2014 @ 09:55 pm
Been busy with RL, still am... but I'm been also wondering about what is JE doing. Been wondering before Guts! PO but now that we know Ohno's drama is also having a single... Really, where are the cons DVDs!?!?!

So well, I made some 'info put together'... I wonder if I did it already in the past or just thought about doing it... anyway

list of preorder dates I could gather )
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20 January 2014 @ 01:35 pm
This comes after just the first raw watching... so well, they are just rambling before I forget. Want to know my change of thoughts after I watched it again and check the sub-ed version.


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I think I need more than several 140 characters posts to express myself... Definitely journal posts are way better for that... At least thoughts flow better (at least in my case)

I'm still in a post-Shitsuren Chocolatier flailing mood. I'm still really excited but I am keeping it to myself. It's that feeling of not wanting anybody to burst my bubble... Not sure it makes sense. I really love the first episode and my over active imagination has this little plot about how I'd like things to develop (won't last too much as the manga is around there and I'm checking it out) that I want to enjoy for a little longer, maybe until VSA tomorrow XDD

Shouta is so cute it hurts!!!

I wonder how J feels about episode 1 final result. Hope he is proud of it! Rating was 14,4% for what I've been told, which is good... But really doesn't leave a lot of room for decreasing right? I hope people keep being loyal to it. I wish those not living in Japan and watching counted *pout* You are doing great J!!

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to get to OST. Today saw a link to 7net shop that says that they will release it on February 26. So far, cdjapan/yesasia don't have it listed yet, but Amazon JP does have it: HERE So those using Amazon JP can already pre-order it. I'm really considering doing so myself...

Now, several other things I've been thinking/flailing/wondering about.

Ohno's crush on Satomi. Oh gosh, probably it's me seeing things where they aren't but, have you noticed how during Hey!Hey!Hey! they asked him to choose the person asking their question first, and he had two beautiful well known girls, Satomi and Rola, but he chose Satomi!!! XDD That moment made me lol big time! and I was telling speaking aloud to Riida, telling him that he shouldn't be that obvious or if the wants to, he should just take a step and do something about that cute crush! They would be adorable, don't you think? Well, at least I do XDD

I know some may say that it was good to start with her for Chocolatier promotion... but wouldn't it be better if she was the last one, following that line of thought? I dunno. I think he couldn't resist himself...

Also, I keep thinking that Aiba was the cutest thing ever during Hey!Hey!Hey!. when Sho admitted that he would date him when Aiba said he couldn't date Sho. He was blushing big time!!! I wonder why... was he really caught out guard by Sho's words, was he feeling awful because of the outcome... Because when Nino says that he wouldn't date Aiba, I bet Aiba was expecting that, since well, Aiba knows Nino as well as he knows himself, I bet... but he didn't expect that Sho said that and was so cute while saying it XD oohhh the feelings!

Also, also... I got annoyed by the Downtown guy next to Jun. Did you notice how many times he was slapping Jun's leg? That type of thing bothers me so much!!!! I imagine that in Jun's head there was this image of himself standing up and just punching the guy XDD The guy also dared to slap him on the head too... and J being the nice boy he is with that 'I am not really amused but have to look like I am' smile plastered on his face Lol!!

I would have kissed J when the guy asked if he chose Aiba because he is 'baka' and Jun said that he was wrong several times, that it was because he is a clear/shining person... *applauses and bravos to J* (the camera was on Aiba at that point, and I like that he smiled nicely to J) Junba was so very cute!!!!! --> you two can move together only if you allow Sho and Nino to be there most of the time XD (Riida would be probably fishing or enjoying his hamaka, or that floating houses it seems he is checking - not sure what that rumor is about)

Oh, that reminds me. I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THE AMOUNT OF SAKUMOTO LATELY. But I have this tendency to think the worst... So I wonder... could it be possible that JE saw/realized that sakumoto is a growing in popularity pair and suggested them both that they should be nicer/closer to each other... Because it's too good to be true!!! ~ ~ ❤

Bittersweet already grew on me and I already love it! Hope it happens the same with Road to Glory because for now, I am not really feeling it... :S I am so curious about the cd cover and photo shoot about it!!! Oh, that means more shop photos!!! nooooo! yesssss! (mixed feelings there because I want them all, but not sure when to buy them...)

They were really cute in the performance but I lol-ed so much when I saw a photoshop-ed image of them in that triangle like formation with a bonfire in front of them!!! Really!! LMAO!!

So, there are rumors of fans complaining to FujiTV for the bath scene with Kiko and all that. That is... so TIRING! I really wish fans in Japan would behave more, I don't know... normal? less pathologically clingy/jealous? I dunno really! Don't they realize that Arashi interacts/are touched by lots of people daily?! Those doing their make up/wardrobe people/dentist/stylist... I mean, come on!!! And they realize also that probably J and Kiko are both with swimming trunks/suits or something right? At least in their lower parts...

But if Fuji changes things because of fans, they will be the ones to blame. Since when that is the way to go? Now they are asking that, next time what?! In that sense, I'm kind of glad that JE doesn't accept all that fans say around (although they are already doing enough, not allowing them to date/marry/have kids) Oh, all those gray areas made me feel really 'blah' and disappointed in how things are in Japan entertainment/Arashi fandom.

Speaking of Arashi fandom. Let me say this: Yes, it's rainbow land, and yes, in general I am happy being part of the fandom... But sometimes, fans behaviour disappoints me and makes me go 'wth!' more than before, really... :S and it's just in terms on manners... I wonder, really what their parents taught them in that department :S

I had more things to say, but I can't remember now and this is long enough ;)
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I am not making sense... and there may be some spoilers (but just about the general plot)

read at your own risk )
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11 January 2014 @ 07:25 pm
[ profile] g001_no_heya is where you can find all the fics I've already written and where I'll post the ones I may write in the future... :S They aren't locked, but I may lock them in the future. The ones here are f-locked.

You are welcome to join. Joining is moderated, but you shouldn't have a problem doing so... ^^

(my plan is also post them at AO3, but haven't done so yet...)
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29 December 2013 @ 11:58 am
 photo IMAG6649xs_zpscf51df08.jpg

It's the most recent Myojo magazine (feb. 2014) with HSJ! on cover. Just bought it yesterday because it has two pages about Jun in his chocolatier drama outfit but the rest of the magazine, I don't really care about.

It has glossy double page (magazine size) with Yuta Tamamori one one side, Kisumai in the other;
Johnn's Jr. page of stickers.
Kisumai cardboard dvd/cd case as present included inside the mag,
closed interviews with HSJ!'s Chinen,
'Nude J's' section with News' Koyama (haven't opened the pages),
folded poster with HSJ! one side, Sexy Zone the other.
There are pages on Johnnys World 2020, A.B.C.-z horse riding, Kisumai tour, plus ton of Juniors I don't know/care about.

I will be taking the two pages featuring Jun but I am not taking with them any Johnny's pages!!!

I am selling the magazine for 2.50 pounds plus shipping/paypal fee (would send it the cheapest possible except otherwise indicated).

If nobody wants it as it is, I am open to do clippings, talk to me!

I paid (as you will see when you get the magazine 13.10 pounds for it. Magazine real price in pounds is less than 4 pounds, the rest is shipping! Yes! :S) I went crazy for a moment there. Really loved the Jun pages. Want to recover some of what I paid, and also that the magazine reaches somebody who really cares about the ones featured there, just that.

Let me know!
26 September 2013 @ 10:42 pm
Title : True Lies
Rating : R (for language and description of violence)
Pairing : Sakumoto Sho/Jun (only mention of others)
Genre: Spies AU (one-shot)
Word Count: ~3000
Disclaimer: Own nothing. Fiction. Everybody knows that already.
Summary : Jun and Sho are spies. Shit and feelings happen. I am not good at this. Jun's P.O.V.
Thanks to [ profile] cypros for checking this out first.
Notes: It's been literally ages since last time I wrote something. I really thought I couldn't finish anything... And this came. It isn't a super original plot, I think, but had fun writing it and it's what I usually would love to read: yes, the h/c works for me. This is NOT the Prime Minister AU, sadly... (just yet)
Inspired in some weird way by the Class J poster and Sho's latest Jins cm...
Btw: No Sho was damaged in the writing of this fic.

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13 September 2013 @ 10:19 pm
It ruins my layout, but...

nuff said:

 photo ninobw_zps9549eb28.jpg
I'm selling my whole SMAP pamphlets/photobook collection, apart from a couple of dvds. I got the pamphlet and photobook, as well as the Fly Daddy Fly dvd second hand. All items are in good/very good condition, but I specify in each case if there is something to say about them. The prices also vary depending on how much it cost me to get them/state.


 photo smappamphlets_zps3fd2a787.jpg

Kanjani8 and Arashi items added!!!

details and more pics under here )
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23 July 2013 @ 10:09 pm
It's a silly thing but I keep having this thought in my head about how cool it would be that they named 'Circus' one of their albums. It can't be since it is a very common word and they already have a song titled like that... but it sounds good to me... Think about it Arashi - Circus XDD

Anyway, I was thinking today, because I was reading and writing twits (or is it tweets) about it. About Arashi at concerts, that's it.

For me, based in my limited experience, Jun is the perfect host: He created/concocted this whole thing for the fans where he thought about every little detail so everything goes as planned and he and the rest have to deliver. J trusts that Sho as perfect MC that he is will get the audience incited, excited and involved enough and all of them, J and Sho included deliver...

All of them are amazing in concert. I couldn't complain in the fan service department due to the lack of it. J does fan service (gets half naked, kisses the camera, etc), of course, but during the waving to the fans... J, Nino, Sho and Aiba usually do just that.

In Sho's case as the Royalty he is *tee hee*, Aiba, Jun and Nino wave -Aiba flashes everybody with his lovely smile which is a plus- but Ohno! Riida takes such a good care of the fans, confirming that the fan he is single-ing realizes is her the one!!! That makes me incredibly happy and thankful that he takes the time (even if I am not the lucky one XDD)

That wasn't what I wanted to talk about. Actually, all that Circus / concert tasks got me thinking...

If they were working in a Circus (imagine a fic in that AU)... who would all of them be...

First I thought, Jun would be the Circus MC, I mean, imagine him with red jacket, high boots (and long hair and a goatee - no mustache :P) welcoming everybody and introducing the different parts of the show.

In that case, Ohno and Nino would be the acrobats, Aiba, the lion-tamer and well, in this first option, Sho would be the clown :S

In a second thought, I imagined that what if Sho was the actual MC (not the owner of the Circus, just the one that introduces the events) with his red jacket (we do know he looks good in one -T.A.B.O.O. anyone?), J would be the magician, Aiba and Nino the clowns, and Ohno the acrobat. Or maybe Aiba could be the elephants-tamer while Nino (with or without Ohno) is the clown...

Imagine the possibilities for sakumoto love between the arena MC (Sho) and the magician (Jun)... yes, my sakumoto showing XDD

or between the elephant-tamer (Aiba) and the clown (Nino)...

Of course the Arashi Circus counts with other workers (maybe other JE) and it's not doing very well at the moment. Maybe somebody wants it to sunk... and they have to find out who is sabotaging the shows...

I have seen a lot of movies/ I am totally un-original... what can I say... :S

But I wonder, in a Circus, where would you place each Arashi member? Which other pairs you'd get there? I want to know other possibilities (just for my daydreaming / fic plot thinking) XDD Thank you! if you decide to give it a try! ^^
22 July 2013 @ 05:51 pm
It's summer, that means that I am a bit grumpy because I don't handle the hot as well as the rest of the three seasons' weather. Actually London's summer is extremely hot this year and I wasn't ready for that :S

It also means that my laptop doesn't handle the heat nicely either (must be to sympathize with its owner) so I can't do more than one thing at a time... If I'm dling or uploading I can't really surf a lot or anything. It gets to me, making me grumpier.

* So Arafes voting finished and I'm quite pessimist... I don't think J's solo is going to be Naked... It looks, for what I've read around, that it's going to be Yabai-Yabai-Yabai. Don't get me wrong. I love that solo. He is uber cute in it. But that solo is already on DVD and Naked isn't... Well, I'm not going to repeat myself. It's done, it doesn't matter now.

I just hope that a lot of more people have voted for Oretachi no song, so at least we get that XDD It can so cute and fun!!

* Arashi travelled outside of Japan again. NY again! Lucky the NY fans! I wonder who will be the next one having a trip outside Japan (it doesn't count that Sho is going to Singapore next week). I mean, to Europe, mainly :P I was wondering... wouldn't they do an Olympics special around September that it's when the final decision between Tokyo/Madrid/Istambul is made? Maybe Sho could visit the candidate countries... Too bad that in September I won't be in Madrid *cries*

I would like to know more reports from fans who saw them in NY. So far there is only that account by that girl who posted/shared it everywhere. I know I may sound grumpy (hello weather!) but I don't think I would do that if I got the chance to meet them... Isn't it too much :S I dunno...

It seems Sho came back earlier to do the elections special at News Zero. There was this supposed pic of him at the airport (can I just flail about his t-shirt, backpack and cap?!? Love his travelling outfit <3!!) I would love to see some pic of the others... but I guess it can't be... *pout*

* Anyway, last week Shiyagare was so so cute!!!! I love that Nino visited an Spanish restaurant (actually it was a Meson that it's an slighly different thing, but I will just not go there XD) I absolutely uterly love his Spanish!!!! Can I have Nino speaking Spanish for an hour or so XDD

He said his lines so neatly!!! and even when the guy told him something wrong (corrected later at the place), he still did a great job. I can't handle Nino saying 'Por favor' (please). My crazy fics mine thinks of too many possibilities XDD

I really hope he enjoyed the 'tinto de verano' and the 'bocadillo de tortilla' because both things are very common in Bars in Spain!!!

Also, I could ramble and fail non stop about sakumoto being so awesome playing football (soccer) together!!! Can I also get them playing one-to-one football for an hour or so? with wet s-thirts or something XDD

* And, pics of Ohno with his head 'supposedly shaved' are out. I don't think I am going to be popular with this opinion, but I would have loved for him to actually shaved it. I would have loved they had allowed him to do it. I mean, aren't they always looking more or less the same? Aren't they like JE's good boys?

Wouldn't have that be a radical change that would have been accepted as something fresh? New? I mean... they are not allowed to do so many things? You see how Sho got his sides also almost shaved?

I would have love for him to go for a shave... It's so hot!! I would have love they could just get their hair really short if they want it! I am rebellious today XDD

Ohno is also looking strangely sexy, like in a 'let's go to do some meditation', kind of sexy XDD

Seriously, it's cool that they got such a nice make-up people, but Ohno is having such a long hair atm! Poor thing must be boiling! J must be having a hard time too... I wonder if it's the NHK drama why he can get his hair cut...
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08 July 2013 @ 01:05 am
First time I checked the video I was going to get pissed at the senpais for being mean to the boys, but that's because I missed a moment during the first watch: Nakai and the rest of SMAP waving at Arashi right after they finished singing.

I only got the moment when Kimura answers with girly voice while Goro lols... so I was thinking (because I'm having a so-so day) that Kimura was mocking them or their fans but I don't really read it like that after a second watch.

Btw, that time was when Kimura and Nakai were so HOT! (and tanned!)

Anyway, I love, love, love Lai-lai-lai and I am so happy to be reminded that there was a MS performance with it... And I love the performance! They were working so hard!!! *hugs them*


I was looking for it because I've voted for it ;)

Sho is with his One hair that I don't know why, I love so much...
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because it has come to my attention (via rumors) that it seems there are a lot of people who want Shake it! performed again at Arafes (or maybe it's yabai or any other).

I may be a little radical about this, but all those solos are already on dvd! There are currently 2 JUN SOLOS not on dvd! I can't understand why people don't want them at least on dvd once?! Is it okay with just a tiny/lq fancam version from youku??? For me it is not enough! I want those two solos on dvd so badly it hurts!! Especially Naked...

So please, if you don't really care what Jun's solo is performed or you aren't sure which one to vote for... please consider voting for Naked (or maybe W/me). Naked it's a beautiful solo and Jun looks so good!!

I know there are some new fans who really love Shake it! or We wanna funk... but really, Naked is not going to disappoint you (imagine if the other members dance with him!! With no shirt and with no shoes!!! I want that on dvd!!)

So you can check it out, in a lq/fc version HERE:

You can see caps nicely put together for a user of tumblr HERE.

Please, take a moment to watch it and if you like it, please vote for it, onegaishimasu! orz

This may be a bit low, me promoting what I want, but well, I'm really invested, what can I say! And I know some fans just vote quick not really thinking what they were voting... There are tons of beautiful songs that are not on dvd! So take the time to study or consider your votes a bit...
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How is your Arafes voting going?

I haven't voted yet because I am doing some serious studying about it XDD I went to bed at almost 3 a.m. last night trying to layout the songs I want to vote for, checking that I prioritize the ones not in dvd that I also love and all that...

Also, for those sakumoto fans in my LJ that are not in my twitter. You must watch this in case you haven't already!

I already love the song, Love Parade, and was actually in my top three of album songs... but at the moment I am thinking about placing it first, just for the sake of it... and if I am the only one in the whole Arashi fandom voting for it... I don't care. I want these two dancing like that for everybody to see!! (and not in famcam version!)

Now, another thought that occurred to me: In that box at the end, where we can write a request. My first thought was going for Oretachi no song (imagine Ohno and Sho being silly!!!) but I also considered voting for Sho's Touch me now as it isn't among the solos we can vote for (and although I also wanted to vote for Aiba's Yokaze, Sho's is more important to me XDD)...

But, reading a 'how to vote post' in case I had missed something, there was a mention of 'requesting Ohmiya SK' so I thought: can I ask for fan service? To be more precise I want to ask for SAKUMOTO fan service!!! If they don't mind me, they at least would have a laugh... Now, how that would be said 翔潤愛? or 翔潤ファンサービス? or 桜井松本ラブラブ? I kind of have to decide for one of them since I am really considering saying it... (as I don't have to write my name or anything XDD)

just in case you wonder what songs I am considering to vote for )
13 June 2013 @ 01:38 pm
17 june is a Monday, wouldn't it be cool that after Ichimen, Sho stopped for a moment and Wished Nino 'Happy Birthday!' and after that they make this tiny remembrance vtr with the movies he has done, especially Letters from Iwo Jima with Eastwood and all...

Ohhh that would be cool! And also Ohno should declare once again his love for his Ninomiya during his AD... wouldn't it be fair? At least that?! for all the Ohmiya SK moments they had given us? Nino enters Riida's decade!! He should do some mention right?

Jun's b-day is in a Friday the week after 24h tv. I doubt they have concert/Arasfes in that weekend, but maybe they prepare something for him and Nino during 24h tv.

I can't believe, I can't accept that the youngest members of Arashi won't get an special treatment/celebration for their 30th Birthday...

You know what would be touching and totally tear-jerking: Jun reading a letter to all the members as after Jun's b-day all of them will be in their 30s... So grown up the boys!!!

So, poll time!!! *applauses/booing*

[Poll #1918888]
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04 June 2013 @ 11:43 am
 photo perfection_zpsc2b0ef33.jpg

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